Advanced Tasks

You can do a lot through Manyfold’s UI, but because we’re still building the app, there are some things that are difficult or time-consuming to do. This page lists some useful tasks that you can perform via a command-line interface instead.

These commands are for advanced use only and are somewhat risky. You can easily break your system or lose data if you get them wrong. Be careful!

Rails Console Commands

All the commands below are run in the Rails console. To open the console, run something like this on the machine hosting your Manyfold server, substituting the appropriate paths and container names for your system:

docker exec -it manyfold /usr/src/app/bin/rails console

You should get an irb prompt, and then you’re ready.

Remove all tags

Sometimes scanning an existing library can produce a load of tags you don’t want, or just far too many. To remove all tags:


Rescan all models

If parsing metadata from path during scan didn’t work as you intended, you might want to force a full rescan to try it again. First, you’ll want to remove all tags, otherwise metadata won’t be populated; then, run:

Model.find_each { |m| Scan::CheckModelJob.perform_later(, scan: true) }

This might take a while to run if you have a lot of models. The scans will run in the background once queued up.